Forum Necromancy

September 19, 2007 at 6:10 am (World Of Warcraft)

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Forum necromancy (a.k.a. Thread necromancy) is the dark art of resurrecting long-dead forum threads on the official Wow burning crusade forums by posting something new in them and sending them to the very top of the list. This heinous act is not to be mistaken with a “bump” — sending a baby thread with trouble attracting viewers’ eyeballs back to the top of the list. “Bumping” is no more reprehensible than “grinding” is. But beware those who seek to raise dead topics from the grave! These people are dangerous and Blizzard will punish them.

I have proof! In an ancient era long forgotten — back in May — a young dwarf named Grothym asked if his character, after many many in-game alcoholic beverages, could black out or even die from alcohol poisoning. Drysc, the Blizzard Community manager, rightly thought this was a funny suggestion and commented: “I proposed that eventually the screen goes black and you wake up in a random capital city of the opposite faction, but it didn’t fly.” Then the thread went on for a few more pages and petered out. Aside from a brief stint in July, the thread remained dead until just a few days ago, when some druid with an impossible-to-pronounce name raised this thread from the depths of the forum archives, back onto the front page. No doubt he had been inspired by the Lich King.

Fortunately, Blizzard’s Gruul-like defender of the forums smashed this zombie-thread with the following words:

As a rule of thumb, bumping an old discarded thread to the first page is considered to be against the Forum Code of Conduct. While there are indeed exceptions based on the topic and circumstances, in general it is recommended not to post in this manner, as it can lead to suspensions of one’s posting privileges. A good guideline to go by is that if the most recent post in a thread is over a month old then it would be better not to reply to that thread.


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